Alexander Rodin



I was born in Baranavichy, Belarus in 1947. I live and work in Minsk, Belarus and in Berlin, Germany. I’m a resident of Kunsthaus Tacheles since 2000.From the article by Zmitser Vishneu:”Alexander Rodin’s paintings can be enjoyed over and over again, and any time you look at them, new submarines, continents or planets pop up. For a long time Alexander has been diligently painting the universe with the microscopic precision. The longer one peers at those silver-black abysses the deeper they become.Diverse sides of Alexander Rodin are seen throughout his paintings and performances. He seeks to cover everything both abstractionism and cosmic landscapes. He often turns to technique called pointillism. Rodins works have always been notable for their multiple meanings. They are compared to a game of chess. Some of his admirers once said: The first impression from his paintings – they couldnt have been created by one person. Alex Rodin is an experimentalist in his nature and never repeats himself in his works. Nevertheless he is very comprehensible. In his creative search he resembles Wassily Kandinsky and seeks to develop a certain philosophical composition”.