Kai Scharmer

That is me, started as Photographer for music magazine “Bierfront” from Aachen, to acquire first extensive photographic and darkroom experience and a license forScuba Divers license, License for sailing and motor-ships up to 20 yards length.
Horse-riding, skiing, fencing, cave exploration,  electronic and mechanical repairs (soldering, welding, carpentry etc), running a  sound recording studio and playing in various bands and publishing own satirical music and culture magazine “Hedonia”, 5 years working for various film companies (eg. TRACKS, MIM, VIVA, LALA FILMS) in Berlin as Soundman, photographer, assistant-director, camera operator (DV, beta and 16mm), composer, sound designer, film editor at Film School Ludwigsburg as external film editor and sound designer for various graduate films filled the rest of the time.
All that culminated finally in a degree from Napier Film-academy Edinburgh, in

Movie Directing, Camera-handling and Editing:


Short films on Video and 16mm,

“XOXOX” 1996 “Animated Insects” 1997,
Commercial Pfefferwerk “Young Bands Night” 1997,
Infomercial Pfefferwerk 30min 1998.
“Split Mind” 10min short film, 1999 ,
“Warm” short 10min 2000,
“The last “Einstein-Rosen Bridge” 2001,
“Genesis and Catastrophe” 2011 starring Carmen Capaldi (Cleopatra), Rab Affleck (Gangs Of New York),

DOP/camera/editing/SFX on Film and Video:

on various video and TV productions,
eg. “Close Up” with Claudia Schiffer and Dennis Hopper for German TV,

and various shorts,
eg. Canadian Arts Council, Dir. Wayne Young “My German Boyfriend” 2002, co-directing, camera; “Birthday Games” 2006, co-directing, camera

Extensive experience on most film relevant Apple platform softwares:

Maya 2012, Motion Builder, Composite, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Mocha, Photoshop,
Combustion, Shake, Logic Audio, Protools, Cubase, Melodyne etc.
Fluent in German, English and French, basic understanding of Spanish and Italian

in development / pre-production

– first feature film “Lost in Berlin” (60-90min feature, roughly in the style of the movies “PI” and “American Astronaut”
about an American backpacker who falls into the clutches of a sadist Berlin underground artist)

– “Lost in the London Fog” a 1880’s B/W   90min. Thriller, Victorian Film Noir in the style of early Sherlock Holmes films.

-“Man under influence”  satirical SciFi short film about timetravel and the difficulties of designing a flawless galaxy.

Sincerely Yours

Kai Patrick Scharmer