Nathan Rad

Creative visionary Nathan Taare, a multi-instrumentalist, visual artist and solitary artistic composer from the Valley Suburbs of Wellington.

Nathan has traveled the world extensively and has a power to bleed his experiences into his visual music. He has developed a primitive, abstract and organic art style best delivered in his paintings.

At age 6, Nathan was playing drums and multi-tracking dememted 90s rock music in his bedroom until his first punk band at 13, ‘Pat Rimo’. He then played drums with Welly punkers ‘Dirk Drent’ who later went on to form post-punk out fit ‘Motorway’.

In 2005 Nathan established SUMONE Productions with his partner in crime, Hutt born Dylan Bakker. Initially specializing in gore and make up effects the pair morphed and now enjoy releasing experimental and conceptual music videos and short film (still with a twisted edge!). Nathan has become an experienced sound designer, producer and director with many productions under his belt thanks to SUMONE.

After a 2 year blaze in West London practicing Mixology and a mind bending trip around South-East Asia, Nathan moved to Berlin in 2009 where he found himself  able to completely focus and develop his art in a creative and supportive environment. Nathan progressed heavily in the field of experimental sound recording and released an EP called ‘Loiter’ , the first release for his twisted space rock project ENT. He was also lead singer and beat maker for a busking street band called Tha Shitz.

On a cold Berlin night in 2010, Rangi Recordings was born. Rangi Recordings is a small ‘famiy and friends’ record label running simultaneously between Upper Hutt and Berlin. Releasing experimental and alternative music, Nathan and Dylan stay true to their punk roots and the bottom line is to have fun!

In 2011 Nathan returned to Wellington where he became a technician at Sir Richard Taylor’s Weta Workshop. Nathan picked up many skills there including sculpting, mold making, prosthetics and prop making. He recieved a credit working on Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium‘ and crewed in the art department and Armoury on ‘The Hobbit’.

During this time Nathan was busily recording his first full length album. The dark and moody, ‘Street Dreams’ was released on March 5th 2012 and showed ENT’s ability to produce universal sized psychedelia for the masses. The LP will be available on cassette tape very soon!

The next 5 month adventure took Nathan to Tucson, AZ where he crossed the infamous border of Nogales travelling south through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Many recrdings were made during the trip and some tracks that were composed on the road will soon be available.

ENT is currently performing in NZ and writing material for a new album for release at Xmas 2013.