Yael Herold

ISREAL, 1980


In my works i create living units for the individual human being. A shelter for a one unit  in a fractalic chaos of many units. The so called society. The individual, the core which unfolds within itself  effects society and is itself effected by society.

These units have organic shapes, as in nature, with free flowing vitality curves made out of strongly aestetic, recycled industrial materials. The ones surrounding us in this materialistic, capitalistic and industrial  21st century.

In the `Cocoon` installation we evidence  a frozen motion with dynamic qualities. Beginning over and over in a continuous present. Made out of local, industrial waste. Creating a syntesis of construction and destruction.

The `Under-water` installation is made out of  rubber tires, stiched to each other in a repetativ way. This time the core has a long extention, expressing the need of the isolated, single unit  to connect to the other units within the urban phobia. Inside the construction is a negativ space of a human body. Laying inside and breathing through an isolation tube causes a strong effect on the mind – body relation.

The painting  `One` discribes the linear growth of a tree brench which has been cut into two separated pieces.

The painting `The bridge` shows the dynamic possibilities of architecture (plan, traffic, axes…) as well as a path  over a   polluted river, surrounded by heavy industry.

In the painting `8` we see the `machine` marching in a loop within an organic, flowering space.

The `Tight to reallity`performance shows two figures which are trying to use power in oposite directions, discribing meanwhile the split identity of human being in his natural context.

The different art works describe our need to connect to nature. Transcending the mere act of shelter into something which  shapes and enhances our lifes. Using nature as our bases for design, while nature grows from inside  out, in a cyclic process.