Jan Herold

Jan Herold was born in Bonn / Germany in 1974. Due to the integrative european vision of his parents he passed his school years in Bruxelles, Bonn , California and Roma, where he obtained his highschool diploma in 1993. The main aim of the extended stays abroad was the learning of languages, such as French, English and Italian.


After a short study of languages at the Sapienza University in Rome he started living and working on closed cycle, bio-dynamic farming project in Germany . Hereby his deeply routed contact to earth was established and the interest to undergo intensive studies in this field was born.

In the same years he started playing crossbreed electronica as a DJ in diverse Clubs in Germany. Picking up styles as early jungle and drum and bass, trip hop and big beats.

Jan Herold then started studying agricultural engineering at the Friedrich – Ebert University in Bonn , from where he graduated with a master degree in the year 2000 .

After having experienced and learned that all life runs in cycles, from water to CO2, from mitosis to moonphase, it made it very difficult for him to accept beeing asked to disrespect these natural cycles to satisfy humanities unproportional and unnatrual consumption and growths.

From this divergence of personal knowlege to present reality and expectance of society to use this knowlege in such destructive ways , the decision to work with music, waves and their transmission instead, grew in the coming months, as a long travel began.

Troughout all artistic statemets and istallations you will find his deeply routed contact with earth that was established in the years of studies and all works are strongly inspired by „ludus naturae“, the play of nature.

In 2001 Jan Herold started working on soundinstallations and herefor designed and build his own wavetransmitting speaker units. The „ linearity concept “ in the calcution of shape parameters and design allows a perfectly linear wave transmission to such sub-audible levels as 23 hertz.

In this first artistic period after graduating from University his homebase and studio was located in central italy, in the mountains of the appenin, between Bologna and Florence.

Installations where set up all over Europe in the past decade. From Italy to Germany, from Austria to Bulgaria. Most of times in a site specific context.

Through the years his mostly used artist pseudonym as a Dj is Yaya23.

He has been co- founder of the sound collective „ Cyberrise “under which name many of the sound installations were realised.

As the artistic concept gets wider and the research about frequencies as an event repeating in a certain strip of time opens up to the visual range, the collaboration with visual artists brings upon the founding of an artistic association in 2005, now being based in Berlin.

This assosiation is named and enrolled as A.S.K. e.V. , which stants for : applied synergetic communication ( german: angewandte – synergetische – kommunikation ). The communication between the different human senses.

In 2008 Jan Herold founded a record label, so in addition to the site specific installations, audio information could be captured and preserved through time , without using any digital encoding.

The same year the first 12 ” vinyl on yaya23 records was released .

At the moment he is temporarily living and performing in Tel Aviv , Israel.

Researching about extralinguistic communication and studying hebrew.