Linus Gabrielsson



Linus Gabrielsson has a background in the experimental music scene in Stockholm, centred around the Electronic Music Studio and Fylkingen. After a decade of performing EAM, drones and ambient music in his native Sweden, he moved to Berlin in 2008 to deliver his message of sonic perfectionism to the people of continental Europe, mainly under the moniker Ghetona, whose hard-hitting beats and layers of electroacoustic experimentalism have graced the people of Berlin at clubs such as Gegen, Ghashtag and The Darkness over the last few years.

Compositions 2004-2012:

Score for “Den andre ryttaren”, short film, 15’00’’
“Mysin Koja”, electronic piece, 50’39’’
“Impetus”, electroacoustic piece, 07’09’’
Score for “Leva, leva, leva”, short film, 21’00’’
“Contact Mic, Steel Spring and State Subsidies” electroacoustic piece, 01’55’’
“Plan-D”, electroacoustic piece, 07’00’’
“Something, Beyond Everything, That Words Cannot Describe”, electroacoustic piece, 08’44’’
“Remember One Thing (In Three Corners)”, electroacoustic piece, 21’19’’
“Melkbaai”, electroacoustic piece, 49’14’’
“Eye Hear Perfume”, audio/visual performance, 40’00’’
“Entscheidungsproblem”, electroacoustic piece, 18’24’’
“Those Who Use Art for Petty Propaganda”, electroacoustic piece, 10’23’’