JAPAN 1980


Born in Tokyo on 1981. Started dancing from 2001 and joined for many stages.

Through these experiences, got many various dance technics: ballet, jazz. street dance, and traditional Japanese dance.

On 2004, joined for “Shibusashirazu Orchestra” as a Butoh dancer.

Danced on stages in Japan and a lot of foreign countries. Also directed for making act play, and taught Butoh dance in workshops.

Now, having performances not only on stage, but also alternative-spaces. Especially in abandoned buildings, temple, and public area.

Making works with various artists: musicians, filmmakers, flower artists and so on.

Moved activity base at Berlin in 2011.

Participate in the “Japaranoia” “Wide Scope Experimental” project.

planning and management, and appearance.,collaboration with artists who is residence in Kunsthaus Tacheles.

Appeared in “EXUVIAE” (Nominated for the Cologne Tanztheater preis) in 2012 at Cologne.

Weekly workshop held in July 2012 at GH36.

Other side of my work, I have workshops for:

– choreograph

– body expression

– stretch class

– making stages