Wermonster is an electronic musician and producer living in Berlin. After participating in numerous rock and jazz projects as a guitar and bass player, he started to create his own music in the mid-90s, experimenting with computers, loops, synths and samplers. After living in the north east of France, he moved to Marseille in 2004 and started getting involved in the local hip-hop scene: making beats and working as sound assistant in different recording studios there. Always pushing his work further he has decided to move his lab to Berlin in 2009.

Definitely hip hop inspirated, Wermonster’s music explores new musical dimensions, mixing beats with sliced samples, acoustic elements, electronic melodies and cinematic atmospheres to create an abstract, soulful and psychedelic soundtrack.

After a few EPs on Musica Vermella and Slow Fi Monks imprints , his first album „Ghosts move slowly“ is released in 2012 on Exotic Pylon Records.

He has played liveshows in Europe alongside artists such as Thavius Beck (Mush/Big Dada), Infinite Livez (Big Dada), High Tone (Jarring FX), Puzzle (Tigerbeat6), Comfort Fit (Project Mooncircle), Raffertie (Ninja Tune), Stagga (Rag and Bone) and many more…

Ghosts move slowly LP (Exotic Pylon Records)
More Embryonauts EP (Slow Fi Monks)
Embryonaut EP (Slow Fi Monks)
Kreis EP (Musica Vermella)
Mixtures and Farfisas EP (WRMNSTRS digital/CD-R)
Radio Broken Invisible EP (WRMNSTRS digital/CD-R)
Mixed Tape „Vision Diamond“ (mb! by Mercedes Benz)
Recopilatoire 2 (Musica Vermella)
Ice Warriors LP (Ice Warriors)
production of 3 tracks, ft. Kool Keith
Stagga – Be the General (Slit Jockey Records)
Dingy Dysu – Poltergeist II (Onibaba Records)
Braintheft – Sunday Evening Comedown (One Drop)
Infinite Livez – R Yeah
Ice Warriors – Space Weapons (IW)
Ice Warriors – Future Fallout (IW)