gape 02 Lightheart

gape is Berlin’s experimental lounge
One night only! gape presents the artwork of Gonzalo Reyes Araos together with 6 live experimental acts.

We have invited performers to create original works based on the art exhibtion. Live resonance. Interpretation. Creation. Translation.

Multidisciplinary event. No discipline. Art disciples.

Eintritt a sliding scale between 13-5euro

2000 Exhibition
2100 Manon Parent (dance)
2130 Marti (experimental music and video)
2200 Fast Forward (interactive space performance)
2230 Stefano (experimental music)
2300 Pedda Borowski (spoken word and visual)
2330 Eutechnik (audio visual)

When I talk to my mother through a screen, I’m seeing her face, but the light that illuminates her is a projection of my own face “on the other side of the screen”. Am I maybe seeing a double, or maybe triple, interpretation of my person?
One undoubted place of blood, flesh and cultural origin, another a decoded image unfolded by satellite extensions.
I am then “watching” a deep mirror, passing through a dimension parallel to our somatic universe.