gape 04 – Stand Still, and cities will grow

Stand still, and cities will grow //2014 – Work in Progress.

An ongoing illustration and animation project about sacrifice, community, stillness and responsibility.

What does it mean to sacrifice yourself for others that your can not see?
You stand still, and a little micro community may grow upon your shoulders. Little people with little lives and little responsibilities of their own. They have little tiny cares and concerns, work stresses, love problems, family issues. They can be stupid and greedy or drunk and stoned or serious and angry. They could be us, or you or like anyone we know. They may be the little tiny worst or the tiny little the best. You will never see them, and they will never know you are there. You are just the earth to them, the little cities growing on your shoulders.

The question is, do you care?
Would you shrug?

Art exhibtion by Amy Alexander