Exhibition of Psychedelic Artwork by Lysergic …

Azure fields, lucid liquid, twisted triplets and the collective conscious. Lets play I spy with my third eye. Mind your mind and peel back your eyelids…

Lysergic and Shoxxx Boxxx present
Pickled Pupils
Psychedelic Screenprint Exhibition
7 – 22 February 2014


Featuring artworks by

Awer Chuuu Dromo T Dylan Bakker
El Rughy Fina Hazard Hope
Hoji Tsuchiya Kurihara maria cukor
Marta Slawinska Nathan Taare Nicola HighAM
Origami Robin Bushell Shoxxx
Subliquida Projectr Zachariah Weaver
installations by Paulo Baptista and Shoxxx

The Happenings are likely to include…

7 February* Vernissage 1800 – 0100
with Voku, VJ Chuuu (live turntable animation),
Kurimatt (noise and dance), Eutechnik (live DJ set)
and live tatoo by Axel Ejsmont

12 February* Midissage 1800 – 2400
with Voku, film screening and live soundtrack performance
from Wide Scope Experimental

22 February* Finnissage 1800 – 0100
with voku, LUKA + (LIVE DRUMS), Adam Attics and Ken Mutant
(beats and voice) and Planet Groove (DJs Elmo Lewis and
Otto Manic spinning old Psychedelia vinyl)

* The Audience is invited to wear ecstatic dress

SHOXXX BOXXX OPENS wed – SAT 1500 – 19000