Wide Scope Orchestra – Lighthaus 12 CORPO

For closing of Lighthaus 12 – CORPO
Wide Scope Orchestra variety of improvised noise and sound artists combine without regulation.

Beginning at 2000 with BAFNET short film screening – http://www.berlinasianfilm.net/


Featuring – Ken Mutant, Gift, Vodor L Zeck, Udo, Dyl Bak, Kurihara, Die Goldstein! and more

The Delimitation of the Infinite
Meditations on Poetry

I continue to believe that I shall recover, that I
may recover. I slept very well. No dreams or any other
symptoms of disease. Dear O-go will· come tomorrow.
Everything will again be simple, regular, and limited like
a circle. I·am not afraid of this word “limited.” The work
of the highest faculty of man, judgment, is always directed
toward· the constant limiting of the infinite, toward the
breaking up of the infinite into comfortably digestible
portions, differentials. This is what gives divine beauty to
my vocation, mrthematics. And it is exactly this beauty
that other female lacks. But this last thought of mine
is only an accidental mental association…..
(from WE By Eugene Zamiatin)

Dylan Bakker – www.dylanbakker.com
Federico Egidi – www.federicoegidi.com
Eddy Vivier Murangwa – http://theshorterstory.be/eddy/
Kurihara – http://kuriharatakuya.com/
Carla Bertone – http://www.boladenieve.org.ar/artista/176/bertone-carla
Daniele Consorti – http://www.associazioneantichecontrade.it/daniele-consorti-1.html
Fabian Faassen – https://captainzeroblog.wordpress.com/
Steef Van Lent – http://www.steefvanlent.com/
Jan Lemitz – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdPYoxdSfrY