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Michael Schmacke

Michael Schmacke
1965     born Berlin(West)
1985     baking license
1988     first exhibition
1990     March Tacheles
April Dunckerland, Prenzlauer Berg
1991    first films
1994    international work starting
founding of THE FAKE MASTERS
1995    member of Wohlgroth Bastel Kollektiv, Zürich
1996    Art Most, Russia
1997    the underground is fake
1999    Casino Luxemburg opening celebration
2000    Kairo
2002    Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
2003    Sihlpapier
2004    “Berin 1699”, money of Hauptstadtkulturfond
2007    Animations for ZDF
2010    “My world”, BBC
2011    “Where was Ratko?”, Animation, Jihlava 2011
2012    “Die Erbschaft”, Renate Comicbibliothek at STATTBAD Wedding
2013    Animation teacher in schools since 2008

Georg Hekt



Georg Hekt is an artist of Bulgarian roots (born in Stara Zagora) who moved to Berlin around the Millennium. For almost fifteen years he has been composing and producing his own music, but he has played in multiple live bands around the world too. His instrument skills include guitar, drums and piano.

He has released many albums via his own netlabel Stigae Music and some tracks on compilations through other netlabels like Dusted Wax Kingdom and Mizukage. Many of his songs have been featured on radio shows and podcasts around the whole globe. Since 2011 he began releasing a series of EPs entitled ‘Circular Quadrant’ through DSQT which are now available on most digital retailers like iTunes, Amazon, soulseduction, and more.

Not only did Georg Hekt start one of the first netlabels in Bulgaria for experimental jazz and trip-hop music with his friends Dr. Osmo and Oppidan, but also he was the first electronic musician to perform live in his hometown Stara Zagora (together with Oppidan) already in the year 1998. In the years after the Millennium Hekt performed on many more occasions – live or as a DJ. His main collaborators for live performances are Oppidan and Q-Daelic, both also main collaborators in composing and producing.

Except plain music he has also been composing and designing sounds and music for theater plays and other events like fashion shows.

Al Shazam



SHAZAM is a DJ and a musician from Berlin. He is sometimes DJing with live musicians in a club situation, at other times he’s a live DJ with a band onstage. Or both. He likes music with three EEEs: Electronic, Eastern & Eclectic.

‘’While spinning, I don’t have musical limitations other than my personal filter : I like a tune – or not.’’

So you might get a DJ set of his that combines styles like these: Asian Vibez, NeoArabic Clubfusions, Global Dubstep, Afrobeat, vintage Bollywood Breaks or Brazil Drum&Bass, Lounge Exotica or or or..

..My moon rises in the East…









Entropic Subworld

DJ Still

Mixing and Artwork 2000 Dirty Sq

Fabrik “Halle13”

Analog Ambient Works

Music for Theater “Nosferatu”

Rhizom II


Composing and producing with K. Mutant music for the film “Romantic Fighter”

Arrangements for music “Drummers of Gloow”

Low Life Luxury

Tacheles Recordings, Sound Engineer

WideScope Recordings

Crash-courses for basic understanding of Reason, Ableton

Lagen Musikarrangement

Sebastian Rohr



First Class Honours Bachelor of Fine Art from Dun Loaghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dublin, Ireland (2008)

Residencies and other works:
2009-2010 Founder and Member of Bombhouse gallery/studios.
2011-2012 Artist in Residency at Kunsthaus Tacheles .

Junktion, La Cathedral, Thomas str, Dublin, Ireland
Exhibitions held in Bombhouse Studios

Push to Open


Tacheles Bienalle, Oranienburger Str 54, Berlin
Urban Art Clash no 5, Cube gallery Rollberg Str, Berlin

Andi Zant

working and living in berlin since 1997. as photographer,painter,musician,writer, doing installation and sculptures,and experimental design.

one of the core ideas going through my work is improvisation, based on proper research,thinkin,insight,connecting the visible with the invisble,looking into the nature of reality.i see myself in the tradition of art in that sense, that i think its important to question life,to think,and develope the
human abilitys on all levels and work for understanding and create awareness to the complexity simplicity and beauty  we can find on this planet.we are able to grow into a true human beeing if we can dream,and focus.everyone emerged from  the same source like anyone and anything the latest researches in the field of quantum mechanics proove, behind the material world is a deep web of infinite relations in between processes throughout anything that is known so far. thus we have to give up the idea of a static knowledge,and the idea of a describable reality.

even more, multiple realitys have to be verified through observation,and accepted. talk in between subjective recipients is one way to find  a common ground. building reality.beein part of the  mysterios dream. to the end silence is a very easy approach. yet i like to talk in order to share .everyone can be student as well as teacher.

thus we are all really deeply connected, and need to be rememberd to our true nature,  the qualitys of understanding, sharing,and experience the bliss of human existence,and the love and complete acceptance of diversity in the cosmic creation the individual approach is limited not only by the sensory perception,but also through education,cultural identity,and subjective filters, that can block a wider perception of the general process and happening. its necessary to work for global peace,and a sustainable future with no exploitation and artificial boundarys. art is just one way to express this.

get in contact if u are interested in any of my ideas or artwork.


JAPAN 1980


Born in Tokyo on 1981. Started dancing from 2001 and joined for many stages.

Through these experiences, got many various dance technics: ballet, jazz. street dance, and traditional Japanese dance.

On 2004, joined for “Shibusashirazu Orchestra” as a Butoh dancer.

Danced on stages in Japan and a lot of foreign countries. Also directed for making act play, and taught Butoh dance in workshops.

Now, having performances not only on stage, but also alternative-spaces. Especially in abandoned buildings, temple, and public area.

Making works with various artists: musicians, filmmakers, flower artists and so on.

Moved activity base at Berlin in 2011.

Participate in the “Japaranoia” “Wide Scope Experimental” project.

planning and management, and appearance.,collaboration with artists who is residence in Kunsthaus Tacheles.

Appeared in “EXUVIAE” (Nominated for the Cologne Tanztheater preis) in 2012 at Cologne.

Weekly workshop held in July 2012 at GH36.

Other side of my work, I have workshops for:

– choreograph

– body expression

– stretch class

– making stages

Linus Gabrielsson



Linus Gabrielsson has a background in the experimental music scene in Stockholm, centred around the Electronic Music Studio and Fylkingen. After a decade of performing EAM, drones and ambient music in his native Sweden, he moved to Berlin in 2008 to deliver his message of sonic perfectionism to the people of continental Europe, mainly under the moniker Ghetona, whose hard-hitting beats and layers of electroacoustic experimentalism have graced the people of Berlin at clubs such as Gegen, Ghashtag and The Darkness over the last few years.

Compositions 2004-2012:

Score for “Den andre ryttaren”, short film, 15’00’’
“Mysin Koja”, electronic piece, 50’39’’
“Impetus”, electroacoustic piece, 07’09’’
Score for “Leva, leva, leva”, short film, 21’00’’
“Contact Mic, Steel Spring and State Subsidies” electroacoustic piece, 01’55’’
“Plan-D”, electroacoustic piece, 07’00’’
“Something, Beyond Everything, That Words Cannot Describe”, electroacoustic piece, 08’44’’
“Remember One Thing (In Three Corners)”, electroacoustic piece, 21’19’’
“Melkbaai”, electroacoustic piece, 49’14’’
“Eye Hear Perfume”, audio/visual performance, 40’00’’
“Entscheidungsproblem”, electroacoustic piece, 18’24’’
“Those Who Use Art for Petty Propaganda”, electroacoustic piece, 10’23’’

Ken Mutant




Ken started as a DJ in 1981, and began making electronic music in Spain in 194. In 1988 e moved to Amsterdam, where he composed music and played with various bands. Since 1991 he has been in Berlin, making music, collage, silk screen prints and also organinsing art and music events.

Ken Mutant has made music for several films, theater plays and performances and since 2012 has been engaged with the Wide Scope Collective, where he lends his vocal talents to to several Wide Scope projects.

Bands: Deliriant Mutant, Iconoclasta, Human Replicant, Chacon, SekuriT

Projects: Mutant Metamorph, Entropic Subworlds, LowLifeLuxury, Aquila, Karlson