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Entropic Subworld

DJ Still

Mixing and Artwork 2000 Dirty Sq

Fabrik “Halle13”

Analog Ambient Works

Music for Theater “Nosferatu”

Rhizom II


Composing and producing with K. Mutant music for the film “Romantic Fighter”

Arrangements for music “Drummers of Gloow”

Low Life Luxury

Tacheles Recordings, Sound Engineer

WideScope Recordings

Crash-courses for basic understanding of Reason, Ableton

Lagen Musikarrangement

Sebastian Rohr



First Class Honours Bachelor of Fine Art from Dun Loaghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dublin, Ireland (2008)

Residencies and other works:
2009-2010 Founder and Member of Bombhouse gallery/studios.
2011-2012 Artist in Residency at Kunsthaus Tacheles .

Junktion, La Cathedral, Thomas str, Dublin, Ireland
Exhibitions held in Bombhouse Studios

Push to Open


Tacheles Bienalle, Oranienburger Str 54, Berlin
Urban Art Clash no 5, Cube gallery Rollberg Str, Berlin

Andi Zant

working and living in berlin since 1997. as photographer,painter,musician,writer, doing installation and sculptures,and experimental design.

one of the core ideas going through my work is improvisation, based on proper research,thinkin,insight,connecting the visible with the invisble,looking into the nature of reality.i see myself in the tradition of art in that sense, that i think its important to question life,to think,and develope the
human abilitys on all levels and work for understanding and create awareness to the complexity simplicity and beauty  we can find on this planet.we are able to grow into a true human beeing if we can dream,and focus.everyone emerged from  the same source like anyone and anything the latest researches in the field of quantum mechanics proove, behind the material world is a deep web of infinite relations in between processes throughout anything that is known so far. thus we have to give up the idea of a static knowledge,and the idea of a describable reality.

even more, multiple realitys have to be verified through observation,and accepted. talk in between subjective recipients is one way to find  a common ground. building reality.beein part of the  mysterios dream. to the end silence is a very easy approach. yet i like to talk in order to share .everyone can be student as well as teacher.

thus we are all really deeply connected, and need to be rememberd to our true nature,  the qualitys of understanding, sharing,and experience the bliss of human existence,and the love and complete acceptance of diversity in the cosmic creation the individual approach is limited not only by the sensory perception,but also through education,cultural identity,and subjective filters, that can block a wider perception of the general process and happening. its necessary to work for global peace,and a sustainable future with no exploitation and artificial boundarys. art is just one way to express this.

get in contact if u are interested in any of my ideas or artwork.


JAPAN 1980


Born in Tokyo on 1981. Started dancing from 2001 and joined for many stages.

Through these experiences, got many various dance technics: ballet, jazz. street dance, and traditional Japanese dance.

On 2004, joined for “Shibusashirazu Orchestra” as a Butoh dancer.

Danced on stages in Japan and a lot of foreign countries. Also directed for making act play, and taught Butoh dance in workshops.

Now, having performances not only on stage, but also alternative-spaces. Especially in abandoned buildings, temple, and public area.

Making works with various artists: musicians, filmmakers, flower artists and so on.

Moved activity base at Berlin in 2011.

Participate in the “Japaranoia” “Wide Scope Experimental” project.

planning and management, and appearance.,collaboration with artists who is residence in Kunsthaus Tacheles.

Appeared in “EXUVIAE” (Nominated for the Cologne Tanztheater preis) in 2012 at Cologne.

Weekly workshop held in July 2012 at GH36.

Other side of my work, I have workshops for:

– choreograph

– body expression

– stretch class

– making stages

Ken Mutant




Ken started as a DJ in 1981, and began making electronic music in Spain in 194. In 1988 e moved to Amsterdam, where he composed music and played with various bands. Since 1991 he has been in Berlin, making music, collage, silk screen prints and also organinsing art and music events.

Ken Mutant has made music for several films, theater plays and performances and since 2012 has been engaged with the Wide Scope Collective, where he lends his vocal talents to to several Wide Scope projects.

Bands: Deliriant Mutant, Iconoclasta, Human Replicant, Chacon, SekuriT

Projects: Mutant Metamorph, Entropic Subworlds, LowLifeLuxury, Aquila, Karlson

Dylan Bakker

Dylan Bakker was born with a hernia in Southern hemisphere June 1983. Following religious and academical experiments he turned to artput. These days he is an inter-disciplinary agent using various means to express his ideas about the known and unknown universe. He co-operates screen print label Lysergic, record label Rangi Recordings, video production company Sumone Productions  and is the publisher of Mouth Zine.

Recently he made a solo screenprint exhibition GRIDLOCKED at Friedrichshain’s Serigraffeur gallery. Currently he is working to remain current.

Takuya Kurihara

TOKYO 1983


In his large acrylic paintings Takuya Kurihara investigates our human universe through lines and colours. His powerful paintings arouse the viewer’s curiosity through their wealth of details, and the viewer is sent on a voyage of discovery. Like a kaleidoscope new shapes and forms constantly appear before the viewer’s eyes. In Takuya Kurihara’s neat and light drawings the lines appear to be almost floating in the air – here the artist’s Asian roots become visible.


KYOTO 1973


Chuuu was born in Kyoto Japan 1975.His base is now in Berlin.Because of his environment of childhood he had a strong awareness of freedom,creation and making things by himself. He was good in his hands since he was a child,cutting his rubber-robots into pieces and put different pieces together and making a new robot,uncoil a small motor and extend it to make a faster motor,create a small light for playing games in the dark.Since his uncle was an artist he had many chances to see paintings and printings,spontaneously,he started to draw pictures and manga by himself.While majoring manga in Kyoto Seika University (the only university that has manga major in Japan) he bought a computer, learned himself how to use applications and studied design on his own. After graduation,he worked independently by designing and painting. 2003 moved to Berlin and now he is here as an artist.

About his works

Chuuu,the theme of his works are nostalgia-ism and reconstitution.In his paintings and drawings,influenced by Lautrec,Beardsly,Saul Bass,Japanese Ukiyoe and Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches,he expresses nostalgia by using techniques such as scraping and scaling paints,use dry impasto material to make crack surface,dye 60 years old paper with tea and use flat touches and intentionally unshaded image.Adding modern elements of manga and anime on those,that is his work.Mostly the background image is blank to accentuate the line of the body or shape.He uses Acrylics,Gouache,Aquarelle,Ink,Colored pencil,Tea,Oil,Magazines and more.
In his video works with the same theme,he made an animation system by using the technique zoetrope(invented by William Horner in 1834) and stroboscope,a turntable that DJ uses and a video camera combination.” Turntable Animation” is the name of this animation system,he turns his 12 inch record shape hand-drawing,collage,printed works on a turntable.He has been performing this “

Turntable Animation”performance in many different places.Above all,the loop animation of circularized notes is a video performance that is like spinning around the musical notation that has been originated in Europe from the 17th century and John Cage and Marcel Duchamp on a DJ turntable.