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Ken Mutant




Ken started as a DJ in 1981, and began making electronic music in Spain in 194. In 1988 e moved to Amsterdam, where he composed music and played with various bands. Since 1991 he has been in Berlin, making music, collage, silk screen prints and also organinsing art and music events.

Ken Mutant has made music for several films, theater plays and performances and since 2012 has been engaged with the Wide Scope Collective, where he lends his vocal talents to to several Wide Scope projects.

Bands: Deliriant Mutant, Iconoclasta, Human Replicant, Chacon, SekuriT

Projects: Mutant Metamorph, Entropic Subworlds, LowLifeLuxury, Aquila, Karlson

Dylan Bakker

Dylan Bakker was born with a hernia in Southern hemisphere June 1983. Following religious and academical experiments he turned to artput. These days he is an inter-disciplinary agent using various means to express his ideas about the known and unknown universe. He co-operates screen print label Lysergic, record label Rangi Recordings, video production company Sumone Productions  and is the publisher of Mouth Zine.

Recently he made a solo screenprint exhibition GRIDLOCKED at Friedrichshain’s Serigraffeur gallery. Currently he is working to remain current.