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Jan Storrer

Atmosphaira – Ambient and Spheric Sounds
Rotchilled – Soul and Electronic Soul
Created Mind – Psychedelic Trance (Goa)
SpaceBase – Drum’n’Bass

SCHALLWERK – an independent label that is open to every kind of authentic and creative music

– documentaries and presentations in the fields of politics, social topics, arts and culture, music video, performances, talk shows
– video on demand
– International open information broadcasting platform – HFqTV (Harmonical Frequency Television)

ANY (Angela Nina Yeowell)

ANY (angela nina yeowell) is a somatically based vocal-noise musician. Along with processed samples, ANY plays broken melodies on misshapen instruments, and sings to the resulting waves of intensity, silence and interruption. Her work can sometimes result in visuals, such as the creation of, and performance with non-musical instruments and sonic costumes.
ANY (anonymous neutral yonder, aspirin never yells, another night yawn) spent many years as a professional dancer in Europe and the USA, before she mutated into creating interdisciplinary performance art pieces, video art, and music. She performed extensively in the U.S. and was a professor of movement and vocal improvisation before relocating to Berlin in 2008, where she now primarily performs and researches the sonic body.

Chris Noelle aka Tofa

Under the moniker “Tofa” – Chris Noelle (*1974) works as multimedia-artist in Berlin. Tofa is a freelancer in the fields of graphic-design, illustration, film, animation, photography, music and projection design.

His explicit skills have led to works for international clients like Sony, Diesel, Smart, T-Mobile, Lacoste, Red Bull and publications in magazines like Vogue, IdN, Die Gestalten Verlag, Page, Art, Streetwear Today and JPeople, shortfilms and animations for Wired UK, IdN and TV-Reports on ARTE TV, ARD and ZDF.

His distinctive style has its roots from a passionate mixture of architecture, urban art, animation and graphic-design. Tofa has the talent of simultaneously joggling between different skills and styles to keep the creative output as interesting and challenging as possible.

Besides his freelancing career, Tofa works as Art Director for the legendary technoclub Tresor since 2007, developing solutions for all multimedia related resorts: delivering graphic-design for campaigns since the beginning, developing the online appearance of up to being editor in chief for the club´s own magazine “Tresor.iginal”.

Since 2009 Chris Noelle has worked for Beuth University, teaching film editing and multimedia production for architect master students.

Due to his expert knowledge in visual projections he is in collaboration with software producer Arkaos since 2003. Tofa started visual projections with two VHS decks back in 1999 and grew up with the visual software development over the following decade. Since 2002 he´s performing live visuals and has collaborated with artists like Flying Steps, Theo Parrish, Flying Beggars, Swayzak, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Octave One, Clueso, Miss Dynamite, Marky, Metalheadz, Cristian Vogel, Mike Huckaby, Scan 7 and many others. And he performed on festivals such as UrbanArtForms, Impact Eindhoven, sound:frame, Whisper China, Festival of Lights, just to mention a few.

But let´s go back in time and take a closer look on how everything started, as this story is quiet outstanding from others and reads itself more like a myth:

With the age of 17 Chris started his professional career as extreme-sports-pro in bike-trials, riding competitions, jumping on rocks and battling for international trophies. On the peak of this sports-driven-period, he could look back on countless national titles, 5 years in the Top5 Worldranking and finishing all off with the double Team-World-Champion Title, plus a UCI-Bike-Trials Vice-World Champion Solo Title (1995) and a Guinness-Book record in 1996. This led to attractive sponsoring deals with companies like Chrysler and Scott, having an own fashion-line from his shoe-sponsor Vans. So this was the first crosslink to the graphic world of fashion-design, which appeared a couple of years later to be in main focus of his career.

Besides the sports-career, he started his apprenticeship at Jung von Matt in Hamburg in 1996 to deepen his skills in PR- and advertising-strategies and graphic-design. As this was way to boring for his personal creative approach, he decided to jump on the train of studying fashion-design (1998-2002) with a main focus on CAD illustration and graphic print-designs, before moving back to Berlin in 2002. Since then Tofa is working as freelancer on artistic projects and in collaboration with other artists and clients from different branches of the advertising world.

In 2003 Tofa worked on a streetart documentary and bumped into the world of light-art photography – a longtime-exposure technique that is using lightsources to virtually leave traces within a picture. With a scholarship in Tokyo in 2007 at Tokyo Wondersite Gallery, he jumped onto another level and today, Tofa is one of the world leading artists of this genre. To feature this individual, the portfolio on gives a deeper insight of his lighart works.

By the time he started working at Tresor in 2007, he became co-founder of The Core., a team of and lighting-designers and multimedia-experts who work globally on stage-, interior- and lighting-designs. Tofa is deeply involved in ongoing creative solutions for this company:

To resume the multidirectional skills of this artist isn´t that easy but this is what you get if you´re in search of someone with an allover-multimedia expertise: strategic online-development, interface design, streaming expertise, graphic illustration, cover-design, animation, music-clips, trailer-animations, audiovisual content production, film, photography, logo-design, corporate-design and editorial design. Nothing else to mention.

VJ Cyper

“… es gibt nie genug hardware für eine performance !… ”

Cyper ist als intermedialer Video und Lichtkünstler zu verstehen, dessen Leidenschaft es ist, analoge und digitale Technik in Massen miteinander zu verknüpfen.
Seine gelungenen nerdigen Installationen begeistern! Sowohl den Underground wie auch den Jet Set.
In seinen zahlreichen avantgardistischen Videoinstallationen stellt er eine visuelle Synthese aus Kunst und Technologie her. Trotz seiner komplexen Progammierungen schafft er es eine klare ästhetische Linie auf unzählbaren Bildschirmen zu präsentieren. Cyper liebt den ständigen Ausstausch und die stetige Zusammenarbeit mit Soundsystemen, diversen
Filmfestivals, Congressen, Communities (CCC, C-Base), Visualberlin, Kunstevents und bleibt damit auf den neuesten technologischen und gestalterischen Stand. Derzeit arbeitet er an seinen eigenen Streaming Server wo unter anderen auch Beiträge seiner VideoInstallationen, Vj-ing, Special FX, Compositing, 3D Visualisierungen, Musik-Video, Postproduktion,
Industrieproduktionen zu sehen sind.

Verena Vargas

Since 2005, exilfilm works on the development, production, post-production and distribution of films with a special focus on political, social and art issues.

We are glad to have provided services such as cinematography and more to the shooting of the film “Il Mundial Dimenticato” by Filippo Macelloni and Lorenzo Garzella produced by Verdeoro/Italia and DockSur/Argentina in Berlin. Currently, the film is shown in Festivals like 68th Venice International Film Festival- Venice Day of Auteurs, Shanghai IFF and many more and you can watch “Il Mundial Dimenticato- The Lost World Cup” in cinemas in Italy.

In the Laika-Verlag, an german editorial, a book in the series of the Bibliothek des Widerstands is published, that included two films, one of it is our documentary eviannaive.

You can order the book here or directly by amazon.

Global Pirates documentary by Laurent Notaro with Carlos Leal, 2009

eviannaive documentary by Verena Vargas

DVD available at

… Tu lascerai ogne cosa diletta
più caramente; e questo è quello strale
che l’arco de lo essilio pria saetta.
Tu proverai sì come sa di sale
lo pane altrui, e come è duro calle
lo scendere e ´l salir per l` altrui scale…

… You shall leave everything you love most:
this is the arrow that the bow of exile
shoots first. You are to know the bitter taste
of others’ bread, how salty it is, and know
how hard a path it is for one who goes
ascending and descending others’ stairs…

Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, Paradiso XVII: 55-60

Michael Schmacke

Michael Schmacke
1965     born Berlin(West)
1985     baking license
1988     first exhibition
1990     March Tacheles
April Dunckerland, Prenzlauer Berg
1991    first films
1994    international work starting
founding of THE FAKE MASTERS
1995    member of Wohlgroth Bastel Kollektiv, Zürich
1996    Art Most, Russia
1997    the underground is fake
1999    Casino Luxemburg opening celebration
2000    Kairo
2002    Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
2003    Sihlpapier
2004    “Berin 1699”, money of Hauptstadtkulturfond
2007    Animations for ZDF
2010    “My world”, BBC
2011    “Where was Ratko?”, Animation, Jihlava 2011
2012    “Die Erbschaft”, Renate Comicbibliothek at STATTBAD Wedding
2013    Animation teacher in schools since 2008

Dylan Bakker

Dylan Bakker was born with a hernia in Southern hemisphere June 1983. Following religious and academical experiments he turned to artput. These days he is an inter-disciplinary agent using various means to express his ideas about the known and unknown universe. He co-operates screen print label Lysergic, record label Rangi Recordings, video production company Sumone Productions  and is the publisher of Mouth Zine.

Recently he made a solo screenprint exhibition GRIDLOCKED at Friedrichshain’s Serigraffeur gallery. Currently he is working to remain current.