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Wide Scope Orchestra – Lighthaus 12 CORPO

For closing of Lighthaus 12 – CORPO
Wide Scope Orchestra variety of improvised noise and sound artists combine without regulation.

Beginning at 2000 with BAFNET short film screening –


Featuring – Ken Mutant, Gift, Vodor L Zeck, Udo, Dyl Bak, Kurihara, Die Goldstein! and more

The Delimitation of the Infinite
Meditations on Poetry

I continue to believe that I shall recover, that I
may recover. I slept very well. No dreams or any other
symptoms of disease. Dear O-go will· come tomorrow.
Everything will again be simple, regular, and limited like
a circle. I·am not afraid of this word “limited.” The work
of the highest faculty of man, judgment, is always directed
toward· the constant limiting of the infinite, toward the
breaking up of the infinite into comfortably digestible
portions, differentials. This is what gives divine beauty to
my vocation, mrthematics. And it is exactly this beauty
that other female lacks. But this last thought of mine
is only an accidental mental association…..
(from WE By Eugene Zamiatin)

Dylan Bakker –
Federico Egidi –
Eddy Vivier Murangwa –
Kurihara –
Carla Bertone –
Daniele Consorti –
Fabian Faassen –
Steef Van Lent –
Jan Lemitz –


Widescope Sentimental and Various Vegetable

AVJ Chuuu (AV)
Eutechnik (AV)
Purgis (Live shout dance bass drums)
Vodor L Zeck (electronic)
Mini-SekuriT (Gat-Sax-Vox)

Wide SCope Experimental and Various Vegetables combine for a next level musical and visual trip out . As usual.

Audio Visual noise and performance from Chuuu

Synchronised visual electronics from Eutechnik

Purgis make a noisy song and dance (Furu, Adrien, Adam)

Vodor L Zeck usues his machines

Live sound from MiniSekuriT…… experimental beats, strings and Sax

gape 06 – Decay – Chuuu

The final gape will occur on Sturday 21 March 2015, featuring the paintings of Widescope artist Chuuu and 6 customised performances.  Details here:

Painting is a creature that man has devised in order to ‘save’ history. The durability of paint has evolved accordingly. But to be present forever and not to fade away is impossible.

It is an art-form to appreciate the discoloration, spots and cracks in Japanese pottery. To hear the baked soil breath. Paper and canvas breathe in the same way.

So do we. The changes that occur in the female body from infancy to adulthood are dizzying. Many painters have captured the beauty of the female. But it is truly impossible to contain such beauty, even in oil paint. Because everyone breathes, stains, fades and dies old.

Throughout history, painters have captured and preserved the female form. And why is it that people look? Not because it is a human, but because it is an animal, walking on its hind legs. There are many reasons why a creature stands, but presented with the face and abdomen, we see the vitality. Hands are free to use tools and faces can express language. In a bold act of expressing evolution, painters throughout time have painted the face and chest, because the abdomen instinctively interested people.

You should also pay attention to the differences in the preservation of Japanese and foreign cultures. For example, old wall paper peeled off the walls of a Berlin house reveals hidden layers. Japanese houses, with different architecture, reveal different layers of paint. So it is that the evolution of painting itself is different from culture to culture, climate to climate and country to country.

My paintings represent decades over layers. Peel under the portrait veneer, and a second layer of abstract painting reveals. This two layer structure and act of peeling represents the history of painting.

I am now in Berlin to depict all of this through the picture of the girl, deconstructed during the period of growth.

Artwork by Chuuu


“Laute Stille” Die Zeitbombe
Elias Elastic, mime artist from Berlin, known for his python skin of the variability creates in “Time Bomb” a wonderfully diverse pantomime program for a new generation of visual theater.
A professor from the future in his laboratory possesses a time machine. What tests and surprises lie ahead of him you must see for yourself!! A stunning journey into fantasies of our imagination, in “Loud Silence” The Time Bomb.

Born from the ashes of the former St.Genet, GIFT, is a one man noise project based on guitar, pedals, and loops. Between holy and demonic expression, soft guitar whispers meet against hard, crying, violent strokes. Loud, rough, and yet soft, GIFT is flight, crash, black and white noise poison, contamination by creation.

Mimi and The Guys
Berlin-based Mimi & the Guys began in early 2012 as a playful experiment between Mimi König and Mariano Scopel, only to quickly grow into a larger ecosystem involving a varied cast of friends and collaborators.
Dreamy voices, catchy melodies, meandering loops, and chillout sounds mingle in and out of a sun-drenched dream of electronic compositions, hints of post-rock, tropical psychedelia, and indie twists.

Freaky Freedom
Experimental music is the keyword when listening to Freaky Freedom but they also use written material to work around such as graphic notation, a small text or a bass line but always leaving the freedom of expression to speak for itself.
Nana Pi – tenor saxophone/voice
Gregor Siedl – tenor saxophone
Antti Virtaranta – double bass
Adrian David Krok – drums + special guest

Han was born in 1973 and playing saxophone since 1986. In 2004 he started playing as a member of “Shibusa Shirazu”, a world well-known underground jazz orchestra, with whom he has toured around the globe. Now he performs jazz and experimental music in Berlin.

gape curators combine. A spatial dance and music performance. Eyes left. Eyes right. Ears pinned to the front. Minds on the bend.

We come from everywhere.
We are going nowhere.
Here we are.
There we were.

Maria De Faria
Michiyasu Furutani
Dylan Bakker
Marie Klinke


gape 05 – Eternal Pavilion

gape 05 will be presented at Plateau Gallery, Greenhouse, February 21 2015, 2000.

excavations of the soul body & spirit

drawing is never an end in itself. it is a chart, an index—
in diary-like form, of fragmented poetry, scattered prose,
architectural visions, installation ideas. viewers are welcome to continue where i left off, and complete the puzzle.

the love of archeology is evident—archeological excavation is replaced by an excavation of consciousness, layers of history give way to the depths of the subconscious. the artifacts are then gathered, cataloged, measured, deciphered, and ultimately stored in the archive.


rotem of qiryat gat

gape 04 – Stand Still, and cities will grow

Stand still, and cities will grow //2014 – Work in Progress.

An ongoing illustration and animation project about sacrifice, community, stillness and responsibility.

What does it mean to sacrifice yourself for others that your can not see?
You stand still, and a little micro community may grow upon your shoulders. Little people with little lives and little responsibilities of their own. They have little tiny cares and concerns, work stresses, love problems, family issues. They can be stupid and greedy or drunk and stoned or serious and angry. They could be us, or you or like anyone we know. They may be the little tiny worst or the tiny little the best. You will never see them, and they will never know you are there. You are just the earth to them, the little cities growing on your shoulders.

The question is, do you care?
Would you shrug?

Art exhibtion by Amy Alexander


gape 02 Lightheart

gape is Berlin’s experimental lounge
One night only! gape presents the artwork of Gonzalo Reyes Araos together with 6 live experimental acts.

We have invited performers to create original works based on the art exhibtion. Live resonance. Interpretation. Creation. Translation.

Multidisciplinary event. No discipline. Art disciples.

Eintritt a sliding scale between 13-5euro

2000 Exhibition
2100 Manon Parent (dance)
2130 Marti (experimental music and video)
2200 Fast Forward (interactive space performance)
2230 Stefano (experimental music)
2300 Pedda Borowski (spoken word and visual)
2330 Eutechnik (audio visual)

When I talk to my mother through a screen, I’m seeing her face, but the light that illuminates her is a projection of my own face “on the other side of the screen”. Am I maybe seeing a double, or maybe triple, interpretation of my person?
One undoubted place of blood, flesh and cultural origin, another a decoded image unfolded by satellite extensions.
I am then “watching” a deep mirror, passing through a dimension parallel to our somatic universe.

Atrophic Cascades album release


WIDE SCOPE, A++ und RANGI prsent
24 OCTOBER 2014

+GIFTINFLUSS+live gat n drums
+HAMBURGER+voice electronics sax percush
+EUTECHNIK+can be anything


Atrophic Cascades by Dylan Bakker
Dylan is a muliinstrumentalist who will play everything live with guitar percussion noise boxes loops and effects, wearing a helmet and keeping everthing analog.

Michiyasu Furutani is a performer and dancer born in Osaka, Japan and now primarily based in Berlin. Furutani’s work and expression is concentrated on Butoh technique and practice. His experience and capabilities are however varied – Furutani has worked on different projects with stage directors, film­makers, dancers, actors, and musicians. In addition, as a dancer and performer, he is free to experiment with modern, contact improvasation practice, classical technique and other ways for investigating expression in a new manner.

VJ chuuu
Using live video and analog effects, VJ Chuuu creates playful abstract and colorful video works to saturate the senses and vibrate the eyeballs of the people here in Berlin. His work has been seen across the city and the dark underground, in festivals, on the stage and in the cellar.

Hamburger is a new constellation featuring Kurihara Takuya (painter, half of bakakuri), Ken Mutant (smoky crocodile vocals from the dark) Han Sato (saxophonist who has toured the world) and Linus Gabrielsson (percussionist and electronics from the north). They will play the table and the breeze

Luka and Gabriel! Live drums guitars and vocals from this noisy alternative drone duo

Can be anything.

Atrophic Cascades press release
Waste. decay. Mass extinctions. Climate change. Starfish tearing themselves apart. Algae growth on Chinese seas. The pacific ocean garbage patch. Water acidification. Honey bees. Speciesism. Rising water levels. Fish stock collapse. This is a mediative, meditative release. Everything is analog, recorded in a first floor bedroom with a park view in Berlin during late 2013 and the first half of 2014. To explain sound with words, language, is a task. We can start with guitar, delay, melody, repetition. Drum loops, atmospheric noise and distorted spoken word. AC is somewhere in space, somewhere between music and noise. It’s the easy listening apocalypse.Spatial complexity. Dynamical behavior. Sub harmonics. Space time simulation. Zoom. Focus. Brightness/Contrast. Color/Hue. Globally stable. Text by Ralph McClure

gape 01 The Potato Heads Four


We are pleased to invite you to the first gape happening in only 1 week on SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 at GREENHOUSE

gape is the one night only exhibition of Japanese painter Kurihara Takuya
gape is 6 live performances from dancers, musicians and a VJ

Saturday 18 October starting at 2100 at Plateau Gallery, Greenhouse Neukolln. 43 Gottlieb-Dunkel Strasse, 12099 Berlin

Food and drink will be available

gape is Berlin’s experimental lounge

One night only! gape presents the paintings of Kurihara Takuya together with 6 live experimental acts.

We have invited performers to create original works based on the paintings of Kurihara. Live resonance. Interpretation. Creation. Translation.

Multidisciplinary event. No discipline. Art disciples.


Kurihara Takuya
Working with a mix of classical and modern techniques and using a combination of acrylic paint, ink, marker
pen, fine liner and collage he produces works that are both abstract and defined, playful yet concrete. Free
flowing splatters of color are painstakingly refined with tiny line work, patterns and carefully masking taped
color fields. His painted works float on meticulously prepared canvases, often with multiple layers of subtly
textured under-painting, while his drawings on paper flow between minimalism and graphic design. He is represented
by Gallerie Heike Arndt, GH36 and the Wide Scope Collective.




Improvisation is a very important tool in my understanding of “performance”, I’m interested in clarity, precision and significance in movement. When I first heart about the “potato heads family from Berlin” I pictured them in my head and imagined them together, in a living room, spending some time together. Then I imagine them having a gathering with other vegetables, and, even more, I image myself spending some time with them… and creating this performance. A dance improvisation with salad, carrots, potatoes and other beings.

The Audio Visual Performance from Pen and Piezo. This performance combines live drawing, video effects, analog and synthesised sounds. A perfect synthesis for the eyes and the ears. AVJ Chuuu is simply one of Berlin’s most ingenious live video performers.

SLOW SLOW LORIS is a collaboration of ANY and G6PD. The slow loris species are considered vulnerable or endangered. They are believed to be the gatekeepers for the heavens and are used in traditional medicine to ward off evil but a slow loris’s life “is not a happy one, for it is continually seeing ghosts; that is why it hides its face in its hands.”

Ascetic is an avant-garde techno producer based in Berlin but originally from England. He focuses on modular synthesizers and all his live performances are 100% improvised and use no computers.

Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé studied seven years of contemporary dance in Montreal, Canada from 2000-2007. Berlin based since 2009.
She keeps her eyes and inspiration alive to create and build through different art mediums. Faith, love, violence, Gelb coloured jello powder and coccinelles are part of her everyday journey.
Lysandre will perform with Esïom, a songwriter and producer of experimental pop music.

Purzelraum *live ( Tumbling Room ) is a musical Duo composed of Vivian Höcher and Kleiner Knochen. Using synthesisers, sequencers, mixers and raw talent. They plan as little as possible, and improvise a way from 4/4 techno to free experimentalisation.


4 Seasons in the Window 2nd Edition

2nd Edition Dance Performance by Albom project and Wide Scope Collective
17 and 18 January 2014,  20.00uhr
Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Naunynstr. 63, 10997 Berlin

This work is about the four seasons through from the window at your place, playing with the feelings of humor, irony, sarcasm and drama throughout Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter. Composing the scenario with the landscaping of the poetic body, music and live drawing.

LENGTH 55 min.
DIRECTION / DANCE / PERFORMANCE Maria De Faria, Michiyasu Furutani
MUSIC & SOUND-DESIGN Akira Ando, Dylan Bakker, Tobias Giezendanner
COSTUM-DESIGN Helena Viktoria Roth
SCENARIO-DESIGN Maria De Faria, Michiyasu Furutani

TICKET 12,00 / 9,00 €


Maria De Faria
Michiyasu Furutani
Akira Ando         Dylan Bakker
Chuuu           Helena Viktoria Roth!/hvroth

Auf der Suche

wir sind ein internationales Kollektiv von Künstlern und sind auf der Suche nach einer Wirkungsstätte, gerne als Zwischennutzung.

Wir können eine zwanzigjährige Erfahrung in Sachen Zwischennutzung aufweisen. Wir halten die Liegenschaft sauber und schützen sie vor Vandalismus, anstehende Fristen halten wir ein.

Wir wollen zudem Workshops veranstalten, Radio-, Trickfilm-, Recycling- und Kunstworkshops, die die Umgebung bereichern und dank externer Förderungen für die Bevölkerung umsonst oder zumindest erschwinglich sind.

Offene Ateliertage laden das Umfeld ein, sich ein Bild davon zu machen, wie wir arbeiten, unsere Arbeiten zu erwerben und sich über Angebote zu informieren oder wahrzunehmen.