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Widescope Sentimental and Various Vegetable

AVJ Chuuu (AV)
Eutechnik (AV)
Purgis (Live shout dance bass drums)
Vodor L Zeck (electronic)
Mini-SekuriT (Gat-Sax-Vox)

Wide SCope Experimental and Various Vegetables combine for a next level musical and visual trip out . As usual.

Audio Visual noise and performance from Chuuu http://chuuu.xxxxxxxx.jp/

Synchronised visual electronics from Eutechnik https://eutechnik.com/

Purgis make a noisy song and dance (Furu, Adrien, Adam)

Vodor L Zeck usues his machines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_A5PBOvg_8

Live sound from MiniSekuriT…… experimental beats, strings and Sax http://sekurit.bandcamp.com/


gape 01 The Potato Heads Four


We are pleased to invite you to the first gape happening in only 1 week on SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 at GREENHOUSE

gape is the one night only exhibition of Japanese painter Kurihara Takuya
gape is 6 live performances from dancers, musicians and a VJ

Saturday 18 October starting at 2100 at Plateau Gallery, Greenhouse Neukolln. 43 Gottlieb-Dunkel Strasse, 12099 Berlin


Food and drink will be available

gape is Berlin’s experimental lounge

One night only! gape presents the paintings of Kurihara Takuya together with 6 live experimental acts.

We have invited performers to create original works based on the paintings of Kurihara. Live resonance. Interpretation. Creation. Translation.

Multidisciplinary event. No discipline. Art disciples.


Kurihara Takuya
Working with a mix of classical and modern techniques and using a combination of acrylic paint, ink, marker
pen, fine liner and collage he produces works that are both abstract and defined, playful yet concrete. Free
flowing splatters of color are painstakingly refined with tiny line work, patterns and carefully masking taped
color fields. His painted works float on meticulously prepared canvases, often with multiple layers of subtly
textured under-painting, while his drawings on paper flow between minimalism and graphic design. He is represented
by Gallerie Heike Arndt, GH36 and the Wide Scope Collective.




Improvisation is a very important tool in my understanding of “performance”, I’m interested in clarity, precision and significance in movement. When I first heart about the “potato heads family from Berlin” I pictured them in my head and imagined them together, in a living room, spending some time together. Then I imagine them having a gathering with other vegetables, and, even more, I image myself spending some time with them… and creating this performance. A dance improvisation with salad, carrots, potatoes and other beings.

The Audio Visual Performance from Pen and Piezo. This performance combines live drawing, video effects, analog and synthesised sounds. A perfect synthesis for the eyes and the ears. AVJ Chuuu is simply one of Berlin’s most ingenious live video performers.

SLOW SLOW LORIS is a collaboration of ANY and G6PD. The slow loris species are considered vulnerable or endangered. They are believed to be the gatekeepers for the heavens and are used in traditional medicine to ward off evil but a slow loris’s life “is not a happy one, for it is continually seeing ghosts; that is why it hides its face in its hands.”

Ascetic is an avant-garde techno producer based in Berlin but originally from England. He focuses on modular synthesizers and all his live performances are 100% improvised and use no computers.

Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé studied seven years of contemporary dance in Montreal, Canada from 2000-2007. Berlin based since 2009.
She keeps her eyes and inspiration alive to create and build through different art mediums. Faith, love, violence, Gelb coloured jello powder and coccinelles are part of her everyday journey.
Lysandre will perform with Esïom, a songwriter and producer of experimental pop music.

Purzelraum *live ( Tumbling Room ) is a musical Duo composed of Vivian Höcher and Kleiner Knochen. Using synthesisers, sequencers, mixers and raw talent. They plan as little as possible, and improvise a way from 4/4 techno to free experimentalisation.


Böse Bohnen

Böse Bohnen is a collaboration of 4 artists, creating a
mysterious/spontanous/situationalistic/conceptual/post-nuclear-fallout/mixed-media improvised independent audiovisual art project that intends to create a specific moment of creation and destruction, as inspiration of the creative and shared experience in time. The goal is not the product in the end, but the process of creation.

Performances will be unique every time, sometimes with participating special guests, and even for the artists with unknown outcome. Non human members of the team are Bianca the blacklight, and Steven Windows the video beamer. Plans are also afoot to involve flying cucumbers to help us create the first flying painting.

We have been engaged in collecting money to support the people of Miyagi, Japan, who suffer from the post-earthquake scenario nightmare. More than €1000 was raised to date.

If we perform, we need a proper sound system, space, some diamonds and dollars or goldbars to exchange into colors for painting, transportation etc, depending on the location and
event that we eventually participate in. We also don’t reject food and drinks if they are offered, even though we mostly eat pistachios, and sometimes also peanuts. This means – we want to survive as artists,
even without nuclear fallouts,but with tender beef and vegetarian

Böse Bohnen have already played in a variety of places like Andromeda, the freezing entrance of Tacheles in winter, a Japanese restaurant, a strange bunkerhole, The Office, in Kuri’s studio,the gallery at the 4th floor in tacheless and in other places that still have to be created.

As artists we are concerned about the mindless activities, so we like to connect with people who think that every moment in life is fragile and precious and cannot be repeated by any means.

The logo represents the opening of the long kept holistic secret of the triangle, an invention that is yet unknown to contemporary scientists and that we are still trying to explore further.instead of pray,we play.

The future is to ourselves unknown, and we like to have a playful conversation about cosmic experience in art, the daily routine of questioning life, cucumbers,and the ongoing process of co-creation that we are taking part in in multidisciplinary ways. Everyone is student and teacher at the same time, simultanously, and aware.

If you are interested in coming in contact with us, please use the adequate communication techniques available to you, even though we mostly enjoy realtime live contact, in person,or the biodynamic wireless bananaphone.

“Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” (“Devils out! Good luck in!”).

This tradition comes from a Buddhist priest who over 1,000 years ago exorcised devils using beans. Some beliefs say that beans will make the devils go blind, so they flee before the beans hit them.

additional infos about setsubun beans and devils:

Oni are powerful creatures, often possessing an impressive array of magical powers. They can change their shapes, control the weather, or summon up fire, and yet a handful of roasted soybeans tossed in their direction can drive them off.

Their skin color varies in hue with red, blue, and green being the most popular. The standard accoutrement of an oni is a cruel-looking iron-studded club of enormous proportions.

Japanese devils can be both good or bad depending on their individual nature or the situation. Following the acceptance of Buddhism, oni devils became mainly associated with causing harm to humans through illnesses and natural disasters. More benevolent devils became the protectors of Buddhist institutions.