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Widescope Sentimental and Various Vegetable

AVJ Chuuu (AV)
Eutechnik (AV)
Purgis (Live shout dance bass drums)
Vodor L Zeck (electronic)
Mini-SekuriT (Gat-Sax-Vox)

Wide SCope Experimental and Various Vegetables combine for a next level musical and visual trip out . As usual.

Audio Visual noise and performance from Chuuu http://chuuu.xxxxxxxx.jp/

Synchronised visual electronics from Eutechnik https://eutechnik.com/

Purgis make a noisy song and dance (Furu, Adrien, Adam)

Vodor L Zeck usues his machines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_A5PBOvg_8

Live sound from MiniSekuriT…… experimental beats, strings and Sax http://sekurit.bandcamp.com/