Voice and movement improvisation

Voice and movement improvisation-­‐ the experience without the experiencer

This class is intended to develop one’s ability to access their own
improvisational movement and voice, as well as how to do this in relation to a group. It will have a focus of unburdening oneself of restrictive or judgmental conditioning. We will practice resting in uncertainty/being in the unknown, letting go of results, getting out of the way, being empty, coming from where you are, and letting go of self-­image.
We will lean towards experiencing instead of describing, trusting rather than fixing, and replacing control with awareness. We  ill use the body as our source, as we search our own blood, muscle, and memories to find our expression and authentic psychological resonances. Rather than focusing on correct pitch or formal dance step, we will focus on the somatic discovery of our voice and movement.
Write to angie.yeowell@gmail.com for more details.

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